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Introductory programming

Kids and Teenager

In today's world, programming is a valuable skill that can open up a world of opportunities for kids and teens. Not only is it a great way to learn about technology and how it works, but it can also help develop important critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills.

انجمن علمی هوش مصنوعی کیش

Beginner level

No previous experience necessary

Approx. 16 hours to complete

8 weeks at 2 hours a week

Valid certificate

KishIST & KishAI Association

Practical and interactive class

With gamification tools

Milad Mosavat


Milad Mosavat

Has a CS50 certificate from Harvard University

CS50 is a free online course offered by Harvard University that teaches students the fundamentals of computer science. The course covers a wide range of topics, including programming, algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture. CS50 is a highly respected course, and it has been taken by over 2 million students from all over the world.

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There are 13 lessons in this course

  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Installing Scratch and working offline
  • Exploring the main parts of the program, including changing the program language
  • Understanding the stage, objects, and how to use them
  • Understanding the commands tab and its different sections
  • Creating the first project “Hello, World!”
  • Saving and opening projects
  • Introducing higher-level commands
  • Understanding the concept of loops and infinite loops
  • Introducing conditional loops and their uses
  • Introducing the Mouse pointer command
  • Creating the project “Follow the mouse and spin”
  • Understanding the motion section and its commands
  • Introducing the appearance section commands
  • Creating a conversation
  • Introducing the If-Then conditional command
  • Understanding the concept of broadcasting and listeners
  • Creating a conversation and movement with arrow keys using broadcasting
  • Broadcasting a message to multiple objects
  • Creating the project “Party with looping and broadcasting”
  • Understanding the background section commands and creating the project “Photo album”
  • Understanding coordinate axes and setting the object’s location
  • Introducing the Goto and Glide commands and their differences
  • Creating various visual effects (like brightening, zooming in, and zooming out an object)
  • Creating the project “Walking object”
  • Introducing questions and answers
  • Introducing the Answer variable and some examples
  • Understanding the concept of variables, their necessity, and their use
  • Creating a variable, changing its name, and displaying it
  • How to get input from the user and store it in a variable
  • Introducing the Mouse coordinates variable with an example
  • Introducing the If-Else conditional command
  • Creating the Pong game with multiple levels
  • Creating the Pou food-eating game
  • Creating the Cat and mouse game
  • Creating the Maze game
  • How to add, record, and edit audio in Scratch
  • Creating music with the notes and drums in the audio section
  • How to increase or decrease the volume of music
  • Understanding the tempo and speeding up or slowing down music
  • Understanding the Loudness variable and how to use it
  • Creating music by receiving a note from the user
  • Introducing mathematical operators (four main operations)
  • Introducing comparison operators and the project for determining the winning team based on the number of goals
  • Introducing the concept and use of AND, OR, and NOT operators and creating the birthday project
  • Understanding the length of a word and the nth letter of a word
  • Introducing the Remainder command and using it to identify even and odd numbers
  • Introducing the Round command
  • Other mathematical operators
  • Introducing the Eraser, Stamp, and Drawing shapes with a Stamp commands
  • Understanding the pen section and its commands and drawing different shapes with two methods
  • Creating the Rainbow project with the pen section
  • Drawing regular polygons with the pen section
  • Creating beautiful rotating shapes using pen commands
  • Drawing geometric shapes with the user’s selected color, size, and darkness
  • Introducing the Repeat and its sub-commands
  • Creating the Snake game using the Repeat command
  • Introducing the Repeat Until command and creating the Guess the number game using it
  • The concept of a function
  • The concept of a function’s input (parameter)
  • Introducing the types of inputs
  • How to create a function and use it to draw the Olympic symbol
  • How to create a function with one input and multiple inputs and use it to draw a circle and concentric squares
  • How to create a function using a string input
  • The concept of a Boolean input (Boolean) and its use for a function
  • Understanding the concept of a list and its use
  • Creating a list and its different parts
  • Calculating the mean of several numbers using a list
  • Creating a Scratch account
  • How to search for Scratch projects
  • Saving projects on the website
  • How to share your projects
  • How to comment on Scratch projects
  • How to create a studio on the Scratch website