Engineer Milad Masavat, born on 27 August 1992 in Tehran, comes from a relatively small family. Milad has two brothers named Meysam and Matin, with Meysam being the elder and Matin the younger.

Milad Masavat is a talented individual in the field of digital marketing and is renowned as the digital marketing phenomenon of Iran. The reason most media outlets have chosen this title for him is because he has collaborated with a variety of industries and has been able to bring about significant transformations in that industry.

One of the reasons for the fame of Engineer Milad Masavat is his high focus and mastery in various industries. According to his supporters, he has never employed a repetitive strategy for two different industries. For instance, the strategies he has considered for an online clothing store are completely distinct from the ones implemented for a charitable organization. He believes that a business is a living entity and requires a very high level of dynamism. Therefore, he strongly opposes copying strategies and execution plans from different brands and believes that these strategies should be derived from the brand’s personality and behavioral characteristics.

Despite the fact that most active individuals in this field apply a single strategy for everyone, which usually does not yield positive results, Milad Masavat has become a well-known and prominent figure in this field. He has devoted all his efforts to the digital marketing industry to integrate its culture among various industries.

Milad Mosavat

Engineer Masavat has regretfully announced that digital transformation and the utilization of digital tools in Iran have lagged significantly behind most countries. Even reputable and large commercial entities in Iran lack precise and complete information about the specialized terminology and concepts of digital marketing and digital branding.

Milad Masavat’s reputation is due to his constructive criticisms regarding Iranian commercial entities. One of his most important theories is that there is no real brand in Iran, and all well-known names are merely famous trademarks in Iran.

Milad Masavat, an engineer, criticizes the current state of digital marketing in Iran.

This digital marketing marvel, through analyzing various brand indicators, has concluded that nearly 97% of Iranian brands operate completely outside the standards of branding and marketing. They lack any information about them. However, the remaining 3% have acquired information about digital marketing and digital branding from various sources. They usually haven’t adopted the right strategy and have only used some tools in a limited way.

This critical perspective of Engineer Masavat has led only to businesses interested in collaborating with him and the MiMo digital marketing agency, which acknowledges its mistakes and is seeking change and transformation in its workflow.

The MiMo Digital Marketing Agency

MiMo, an acronym for Milad and Mosavat (the founder’s first and last names), stands out as a unique entity in the field of digital marketing. It provides valuable services such as website design, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and dozens of other distinctive and valuable services to individuals for whom professionalism is crucial.

In MiMo, all activities are carried out in a minimalist style, and its managers and experts believe that digital marketing cannot add value to a business by simply adding glamour and glitz to activities.

Milad Mosavat, the founder of MiMo, is among the few individuals who do not make false claims in their advertising and, at times, rejects projects of their clients. In their consultations, they pay meticulous attention to the details of a business. If they cannot find a suitable solution, they honestly reject the project and do not initiate collaboration with that business. MiMo Digital Marketing Agency is one of the few agencies in Iran that operates with international standards, avoiding superficial and outdated concepts in our country.